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In high school, my Sims were speculative exercises, projections of the sort of adult life I might want, as an escape from the rhythm of teenage life. I set out to replicate my own life in microcosm, to learn from it, and, hopefully, to create an idealized version of it free from the yokes of bureaucracy and tedium. What I found instead was a distillation of familiar problems, recursively self-inflicted upon my own avatar. Watching myself endure the achievement-driven grind in The Sims, I saw a mundane life drained of wonder in a way that feels all too familiar.

For this exercise, I played The Sims 3 , for no reason other than that I happened to have it in my Origin account, purchased at some point in the last decade on deep discount. First and probably most important for what followed I chose Absent-Minded. Imaginative and cerebral from a young age, managing focus has never been my strong suit. I went with Bookish, Computer Wiz, and Artistic to reflect the nerdy polymath of a theater maker turned gaming writer. First, I found a job. The Sims starts you off on a weekend, however, so with employment squared away, SimWill settled into a blissful afternoon of painting.

Relaxed, well fed, and creatively productive, he and I felt optimistic going into the week. Familiar problems reared their head right away Monday morning. SimWill slept until an hour before work, then grabbed a book from the nightstand and read right up until his carpool arrived. Without breakfast or a shower, SimWill grew hungry and cranky over the course of the day until he arrived home and burned his dinner, since his cooking skill started from scratch.

Remembering to eat and bathe on a regular schedule were bad enough, but throw in cleaning and household repairs, newspapers piling up, and now someone wants him to teach an art class this week… It was just too much. Cleaning, household repairs, newspapers piling up, and someone wants him to teach an art class… It was too much. I create the system from on high and then sit back and observe the emergent chaos, tinkering as it grows. This time, I had to continually prod SimWill to do everything he had to get done.

Wake up.

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Take a shower. Eat breakfast. Go to work. This casts into sharp relief the irony that many of the games I prefer involve a similar sort of scheduling challenge. This is especially useful when the DD list repeats because you can now check what your final price is likely to be and budget your simpoints accordingly. You own some of it already, so your CYS price is The first item you buy in a set that is CYS enabled takes more off the price of the set than you paid for the item. But this only works for the first item.

Therefore the more expensive the item is that you buy the less you will save. The "assumed" values for venues may not be as substantial as previously thought. There have been documented reports that purchasing Le Cinema Plumbob and The Stones Throw Greenhouse will get you either a very large CYS discount on the compilations that they are part of or even, potentially, make them free. Not all venues will be as significant. In particular the Regency Arcade appears to be have been greatly overvalued. Until such time as we can get up-to date values for the venues please use caution and only buy them when their price is acceptable to you on its own; do not pay more for them than you are happy with just to get an extra discount on a compilation.

There is one slight problem with doing the maths on compilations and that is when a venue is included. The problem is that you cannot see the true total cost of a venue. Generally venues are worth a lot more than their normal value. For example the March compilation normal price includes the Live, Laugh, Love set normally and Le Cinema Plumbob normally However, although they appear to be close enough in value they have totally different effects on the CYS calculation.

Again, let's use PakaJynx 's example: We're going to assume a reasonable sp total value for the Cinema, due to it having 2 pieces of PC, which is slightly over the value of the arcade in October at sp. Similar effects are seen in other compilations that include a venue.

Lots of Sims 3 Store Daily Deals | SimsVIP - 金宝搏真人

Post edited by Me on March December edited April The first page of her thread provides lists of the items to purchase to own the sets, compilations and venues with using the least amount of simpoints. In this thread, Simmers discuss how they have taken advantage of the Daily Deal to trigger various cascades taking them closer and closer to owning the store. What is a Cascade When you complete a set that is include in a larger set or compilation, you reduce the CYS of the larger sets.

Eventually, your CYS will be low enough to enable the green download button on the set or compilation. After clicking on the wonderful green download button, you will own all the sets included. Because of overlap of sets between larger sets or compilations, you may get green download buttons for other sets and compilations. For older store items, because the sets were included more often in more than one compilation, the cascade effect can trigger many green download buttons.

Then buy the set for - sp. Apparently, you must buy the first item for the playground set and cannot be gifted the item. So, for about sp, you get two compilations that are worth a lot. There is some overlap between the two compilations but Tip Top Toddler Collection is worth 2, sp and Kids!

Post edited by Me on April December edited September How many times is a certain set offered? What items are offered from a particular set? If a set is offered a number of times, which deal is the best price? Which set is that item included in? Is that set even on the DD? The DD Main Spreadsheet will help you find answers to these types of questions. If you plan your shopping by referring to the DD sheet, the Cascades Thread and the DD calculators, you can own the store before you know it.

Follow this link to view or download the DD Spreadsheet Tutorials and Tips on Using the Spreadsheet Read the Welcome tab of the spreadsheet to learn about each tab Semavilady provides helpful advice on how to adjust your browser settings to increase your viewing area of the spreadsheet Ajaxpost's tutorial on how to use the DD spreadsheet Tips from Trithone on how to use the DD spreadsheet Return to First Post. Post edited by Me on September Unlike the DD spreadsheet it is not intended to serve a multitude of time zones. You can download the sample and give it a test drive. Please read the Welcome tab for more details.

If you have more questions or comments, please feel free to post on this thread or send me a private message. Note: - These spreadsheets have been designed to be downloaded and customized by the user. As of July , these spreadsheets are not updated regularly. We will update a specific spreadsheet upon request.

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Either post a message on the DD thread or send Me a message. Tabs are included in each spreadsheet to allow you to update your own at the start of a rotation. Past deals are not normally deleted on the online versions similar to how the spreadsheet team does on the main DD spreadsheet. Rather than downloading the updated spreadsheet or copying the Current and Next Rotations tab, you can easily update the deal start times by using the Find and Replace function.

Please provide feedback to improve the spreadsheets or if a feature is not working as expected. You will have to delete the old sheets and then rename the new ones to remove "Copy of" in the tab name. She shares the spreadsheet she used to track weekly sales to discover any trends. I've also put together a spreadsheet which I've been maintaining over the past ten months. Are you new to the Sims 3 Store??

These are the worksheets I used during my quest to Own the Store. Here I have listed each of the Sets, Worlds and Venues available from the store where you can keep track of your own progress. I like to use colour to fill in my rows based on my progress or plans but that's up to you should you choose to copy and save the spreadsheet for your own use.

The tab to the right of that is a copy of the Final DD Spreadsheet. I just found it easier to have it close at hand rather than having to get it from the forum. However it is just the basic list, if you need to find items by set, etc I suggest you use the Awesome DD spreadsheet first, determine which deals you want to take advantage of, then use the one on my spreadsheet to help you track what's coming up. Make sure to set alarms on your Google calendar as well The last tab is something I put together to help me determine how many items I needed in order to get a set free.

I hated it when I had over bought items or wasted generous gifters' points by having too many items on my wish list than necessary. By doing some simple calculations I was able to determine approximately what I needed to get a set for as little as possible if not free in conjunction with a Daily Deal. I've tried to explain how to use it within the spreadsheet itself.

December edited September 6. You can download her S3S Browser from her blog. Her blog is a very useful resource for Sims 3. Click on the S3SBrowser link in the menu bar to go to the downloads and tutorial pages.

Sims 3 Store: Hidden Springs Daily Deal!

She also started a thread on the forum S3SBrowser - A tool to keep your store purchases organised. The opening screen shows the percentage of the store items you own. Note that her database includes discontinued or exclusive items, such as the Dr.

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Pepper set, that we will unlikely have the opportunity to ever purchase from the store. In the S3S Browser, there is an option to manually mark items as owned. A great feature on the opening screen is "List of not owned Items".

This excellent check list has photos of the items that are categorized into sets and themes. You manually check off the items you own and add comments too. Select "Store" and then enter an asterisk in the "Search" box. The items you own are labeled "Owned". Those available for purchase show the number of simpoints to buy the item. You can refine the search results on the left navigation frame to show only certain categories. Chimark noticed that you can use the Search tool to get a very useful view of the entire Store that shows what you own, prices and what is on sale all on one page!

This is a wildcard 5: Then press the search button - this will bring up ALL items 6: On the left hand side you will see various categories. Choose the one you want, such as "Buy" for buy only objects. Check the price range you want - now you have the price range and the category 8: Finally look at the list on the right and you will see at the top of your list "Filter by", choose how you want to filter or sort; such as lowest to highest price or whatever. Post edited by Me on September 6.

Tips and FAQ that do not fit in to any of the other sections on this page. Scroll down for Store Item Reviews Q. Is the store closing soon? While it was a while ago, on Feb. Hey all, we have no plans to close The Sims 3 Store in the immediate future. As you already know, we will not be making any new content but the Store will remain open for a while yet. And, if we do decide to close the Store, we will provide lots of notice.

The birthday thing was, I think, something EA did way back in the past and, as far as I know, stopped doing years ago! Store Item Reviews Here are only a few of the hundreds of reviews or official EA gameplays available. Please share any links you have to your favorite reviews of store items. Includes information on Nraas cupcake mod that automatically restocks bakery shelves.

He provides a not-to-be-missed tutorial on how to use the track especially the track switcher found at of the video. Olympian Physique - Official trailer for Olympian Physique. This is one of the first venues released by the store, so it does not contain any premium items. In the past, point bundles came with a Mystery Bag item for free.

With the introduction on January 6, of the new system to purchase SimPoints , it appears that the Mystery Bag Items are no longer offered. I just had a quick look at the buy sim points process. It seems the free gift with purchase is no longer available. Clicking on the blue bonus ad box will open an ad.

You will be rewarded with 5 simpoints for every ad you play. The blue box will pop up in the left navigation frame on any of the web pages in the Store section of the Sims 3 website. The number of ads that will appear depends on your location and the number of sponsors in your area.